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Sumner Named Finalist for Michigan Mr. Basketball

X's highly rated recruit may be following in the footsteps of a Musketeer fan favorite.


Detroit Country Day School and future Xavier point guard Edmond Sumner was listed as one of five finalists for Michigan's illustrious Hal Schram Mr. Basketball award. Sumner's opponents notably include Dayton commit Darrell Davis, who may get his first of many tastes of coming up short against Sumner, and future Louisville Center Jaylen Johnson. Also of note is if Sumner were to be selected, he would be following in the footsteps of Brad Redford, who won the award in 2008 before launching his career as a three point specialist with the Musketeers. While that would put Sumner in a company with the man currently employed in knocking down half court shots for halftime entertainment, it should be noted that the youngster has a strikingly dissimilar skill set to Redford, relying mostly on his incredible quickness to attack the rim at every opportunity. While Sumner awaits the March 17th award ceremony to decide his fate, he can occupy himself watching his future teammates battle for an NCAA tournament berth.