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Some Things That Happened: 2/7

Big East's tournament chances, Semaj as Player of the Year (?), and a map.

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Everyone's made this face at something his dad said, right?
Everyone's made this face at something his dad said, right?
Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Big East NCAA Bracket Watch | Rush The Court

Rush The Court breaks down every team in the Big East's chances of making the tournament and assess where they might land. They note that Xavier has been up and down this year and cold of late, but they're still optimistic on Xavier's tournament hopes at this point. All X has to do is take advantage of the resume games at home against Creighton and Villanova and avoid any more bad losses.

Trek to 3,000: Doug McDermott's historic hunt at college hoops legend | Matt Norlander

I'm a sucker for stories about guys playing for their dads and guys with old-man game. Doug McDermott ticks both of those boxes, and he's a heck of a basketball player besides. I think McDermott made a good decision to come back this year, and I think he's going to be able to score the basketball at the next level. I don't know if he'll be able to defend, but I do know we should enjoy watching him while he's still in school, because he's a uniquely gifted player.

Can Anyone Challenge Doug McDermott For Player Of The Year? | Anonymous Eagle

Speaking of McDermott, is there any way someone pips him at the post for Big East Player of the Year? Well, no, but Anonymous Eagle looks at a handful of players who have the best cases should McDermott suddenly decide to take the next six weeks off. Yes, Semaj is mentioned, and no, he probably won't win.

Former Butler player has non-Hodgkins lymphoma | Indianapolis Star

Local Newspapers were a category on Jeopardy! Wednesday, and I won $600 pretend dollar in my living room because I knew Indy's paper was the Star, thanks to the amount of recruiting X does in that area. Anyway, former Butler center Andrew Smith has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I'll openly admit loathing Andrew Smith on the court for Butler, but I bear him no ill will as a person and you hate to see a young man go through something like this. Like Joe Hughes's battle with Hodgkins lymphoma, I wish him all the best.

The Geography of College Hoops: Conference Footprints

So this is really cool. Someone punched in the coordinates to every D-1 basketball school and then mapped them out by conference. I would recommend using the hide all button on the upper left to lend some clarity at first, then click in the conferences you want to see. Do yourself a favor and try out the WAC.