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Xavier v. Creighton: Q&A part 2

Part two of our traded Q and A with the most active Creighton basketball site out there.

Pterodactyl like.
Pterodactyl like.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The guys over at Blue and White Review threw a few questions our way before Xavier and Creighton's Big East matchup on Saturday. As per the norm, we answered with our usual mix of intelligent analysis and whatever that other thing that we do is. You'll have to head over there to read the whole thing, but here' s a bit to whet the appetite:

WBR: Just looking at Matt Stainbrook, you wouldn't think he was much of a basketball player, but in reality he does a great job working the paint and a big part of the offense. What kind of matchup problems does a team like Creighton cause for his effectiveness? If he gets pulled outside of the paint by Doug McDermott or Ethan Wragge on defense, is it more important to have him on the floor just for his offense or does Coach Mack go with the odds?

Joel D: One of the things that might give away Matt Stainbrook as a basketball player is that he is six feet and ten inches tall. I'm about 6'3″, and I occasionally have people come up to me and ask if I play basketball. I would be willing to bet at least half of the people he walks past look at him and make the same assumption about him. It's profiling, but we live in a broken society.

The actual answer to that question, as well as analysis of Semaj and Jalen Reynolds, can be found in the main article. How would you have answered some of those same questions?