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Xavier Releasing Standing Room Only Tickets For Creighton Game

This one is big, and Xavier Nation is apparently responding in kind.

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Want a chance to yell at this guy while standing up? Now you have it!
Want a chance to yell at this guy while standing up? Now you have it!
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier hosts Creighton on Saturday, which you probably already knew. What you might not know is that the Cintas Center has sold out for the 116th time. Now Xavier is releasing a limited amount of standing room only tickets for the first time in Cintas history. Clearly the University wants a many boisterous Xavier fans in the Bluejays' ears as possible (though the cynic might comment that they just want to make a buck).

A small number of tickets have been made available for lower level standing room on the north balcony above the student section, or for upper level standing room on the upper level concourse. These tickets are only available through the Xavier Athletics Ticket Office in person, or online at

If you thought you had missed your chance to hurl invective at Ethan Wragge or be younger than a player on the floor thanks to Creighton's 12th-year senior Grant Gibbs, you're in luck. You can also find tickets on the secondary market through Xavier's preferred ticket reseller, Vivid Seats. Tickets are currently going for $66 a shot there, and it will cost you well over $100 to get into the lower bowl.