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Future Fantastic Freshman: Makinde London

This is the first of a 5 part series introducing you to our fantastic incoming freshman. Makinde London seemed to come into the recruiting scene out of nowhere; let's meet him!

Makinde London. Has. Bounce.
Makinde London. Has. Bounce.

Combine the handle and the deep threat of a guard and the leaping ability of a lean, mean, 6'9 power forward. That's what the Muskies get with incoming freshman Makinde London.

In his freshman year, Makinde London was an unknown 6'1 guard that supposedly are a dime a dozen in high school hoops. Flash forward a few years, add in an 8 inch growth spurt (yes that's typed correctly, AN 8 INCH GROWTH SPURT) and a transfer to the top high school program in the country, Mont Verde Academy, and that's how Mr. London threw himself into the recruiting scene. The Muskies were able to reel in the 4 star recruit (according to Rivals, 3 star if you ask ESPN) who is the 30th ranked power forward in the country according to ESPN Recruiting Nation against competition from Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and The U among others.

London brings a variety of skills that could be very beneficial for the Muskies. London spent a lot of time in his first years of high school at the guard position which gives him a solid handle on the ball. I've been lucky enough to watch London play when ESPN picks up high school basketball and I loved what I saw. His court vision is great, and he is willing to lift from the arc and is quite adept at sinking them as well. He also plays passing lanes very well. It's hard not to when you have a 7'3 wingspan. Oh, and he's the proud owner of some pretty nasty dunks on YouTube.

Makinde's Dunk (via Steve McMann)

Makinde London Monster Alley Oop (via Alex Prostko)

Here's a few highlight videos as well

Makinde London Highlights #Xavier Bound (via IA Elites)

8" growth spurt attracts interest from VCU and Wichita St. for Makinde London (via courtcred)

Finally, a chart from Verbal Commits with London's current standings in each rating system.