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Xavier v. Marquette: Q&A part 1

Marquette blogger Dan D. from Stuck in 1977 and I exchanged emails this week regarding the upcoming game between Xavier and Marquette.

Coach Mack in repose.
Coach Mack in repose.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As has been our habit here, we were able to engage in a Q&A with a blogger who covers our upcoming opponent. This week we exchanged information with Dan from Stuck in 1977, who has seen more Marquette games this season than I have in my lifetime. Due to the reciprocal nature of our agreement, I answered some of his questions about Xavier, including this one:

How has the tension been with Cincinnati since "The Brawl?"

Our relationship with Cincinnati is like a really bad marriage in that the animosity is there long before it gets wide exposure. Xavier fans hate UC, hate their little munchkin coach, hate their hack radio guys, hate the ridiculous concept of a Bearcat, hate their pompous fans who are having to come to grips with playing in a mid-major conference now, hate that we have to play the Shootout at a neutral site, hate that we're supposed to call it the Classic now... the list goes on and on. The Brawl may have gotten the rivalry onto ESPN for a news cycle, but I've been a Xavier fan for nearly three decades and I can't remember a time at which I enjoyed anything more than I enjoy seeing X beat UC.

Dan was a curious dude, firing us ten questions about the basketball program along with - mercifully - zero about Cincinnati-style chili. You can find the other nine questions and our rhetorically unassailable responses here. Come back at one this afternoon for our questions for Dan and his responses.