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Xavier v. Butler: Q&A part 2

We also answered some of their questions. We were kind of polite.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We ran a Q&A with Butler Hoops earlier today which I would advise you all to read. As a courtesy, we also answered some of their questions. It stayed civil, right until he asked me this:

BH: If you could participate in the renovation of one area of Hinkle, what would it be and why?

BOTP: I would take every last dime of the budget and spend it on a timing system that works, because of this: The number of things that went wrong in that last play - from the obvious travel to the clock stopping several times for no apparent reason - was enough to give me a stroke then, and I honestly couldn't stomach watching it again just now. I watched just enough to make sure it was the right game (three seconds, for the record), then I turned it off. Poll 100 Xavier fans, and you won't find a single one with a positive impression of Hinkle Fieldhouse. Ask them why, and 90 will point you back to that game. I can't talk about the place without hurling invective, and I say that as a huge fan of the movie Hoosiers. If they wouldn't let me spend the entire budget on a functioning clock, I'd spend it all on gasoline and matches.

Go to Butler Hoops to catch the five other questions he asked me and my responses. We got a load of Twitter comments coming our way about Hinkle, and we'll run the best tomorrow in prep for the game. If you want in on that action, hit us up at @BannersParkway. We look forward to hearing it.