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Tuesday News and Notes: Polls are terrible

A player skips practice to go to class (not a misprint), the polls make no sense, and Brian Hoyer is really bad.

Incarnate Word, son!
Incarnate Word, son!
Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

I can only assume this has to do with staying eligible- Here's a story that you don't see very often, a player skipping practice to work on school. While the idea of the student athlete deserves all the derision it gets (just ask Cardale Jones), apparently some players are will to occasionally do some classroom work.

Weeks in Review- Pretty much anything that says KenPom on it is worth reading, but sometimes the maths can get a bit heavy. That's not the case here, as Ken just breaks down the last week (or weeks in this case) using his ranking system. NJIT appears here for knocking off Duquesne, but they pulled off a significantly larger upset not long after that. I still don't think they'll get in.

This would be the polar opposite of a Xavier game- Love lots of scoring and exciting basketball? This game wouldn't have been for you, then. While the Musketeers and other high level teams put the lie to the idea that physical play has squelched scoring in college hoops, Washington and SDSU engaged in this barn burner. Eamon Brennan breaks down the numbers that led to SDSU pouring in 36 points in 40 minutes.

You don't need further proof that polls are stupid- At least, I hope you don't. Gary Parrish is running a weekly Poll Attacks column where he calls out the more blatant and egregiously poor decisions in the two major polls. Featured this week are two Big East teams that deserve a lot more love than they are currently getting. Meanwhile, Yale lost 85-47 and still managed votes in both polls.

12 teams remain unbeaten- I mention this list solely because it's probably the only place you'll see Incarnate Word and Kentucky mentioned together this year.

Yeah you would have Johnny, yeah you would have.