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Sunday news and notes: Roll blob

Xavier wins, the Big 10 moves, and NJIT does something crazy.

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Roll blob
Roll blob
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Xavier posted a thrilling victory over Alabama. Let's start our news there.

Go Xavier's Social Media Recap shows you all of the pictures and videos from last night's win. Personally I was not able to watch the game thanks to the strange channel that it was on, so the social media recap definitely helps. Also there's fire.

Shannon Russell's breakdown of the game focuses on the offenses consistency last night for X. Defense is still a problem, but Xavier's offense took care of business. Also, 53 fouls.....

The Big East looked good in wins over an ACC team, an SEC team, and an A10 team and Marquette hung close to Wisconsin for most of the game. Even though they were not ranked, seeing St. John's beat Syracuse was a welcomed sight.

One ESPN writer was not impressed with Gonzaga after their loss to Arizona. The article is critical of the bulldogs against elite teams in recent years and calls them out for being 2-4 against ranked teams since 2012 and not having a stellar tournament resume. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I think that Gonzaga is an elite team this season.

This is a big story for both the Big 10 and the Big East. In 2018 the Big 10 will be hosting their conference tournament at  Madison Square Garden. As you know, that's where the Big East tournament is held and will still be held in 2018. So how are they going to make the two tournaments work? The Big 10 is going to hold their tournament a weekend before the Big East will, meaning that they are going to play when the smaller conferences do. So who is the winners here? The Big East and tv watchers who want good basketball.

NJIT takes down a ranked opponent on their home court yesterday. NJIT is the only team in Division I without a conference, and you would have to think that someone would want them after their victory over Michigan yesterday. Their coach John Engles joked, "I want to get in the Big Ten now. How about opening up a spot for us?".