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Conference opening news and notes

You've seen what we think about the Big East as conference play starts, what does the rest of the media have to say?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

We provided a conference primer yesterday, but there are plenty of other ways to look at the Big East. While you wait for the tipoff at 10pm, here's a few more things to read to gauge how the Big East stands as conference play kicks off.

Anonymous Eagle has a look- This one has plenty of stats, and what should like a familiar breakdown of each team. The three paragraphs on the Musketeers are well worth reading, if only to find out what the author hates about Matt Stainbrook.

College Basketball Talk takes a different spin on things- This one has the conference split by where the author thinks the teams will land in the postseason. (You'll not like what he thinks for Xavier). Apparently flyover country doesn't exist in this guy's mind, because Creighton, Xavier, and Butler garner very little mention, while apparently Seton Hall and St. John's are the conference.

As is probably expected, Fox Sports has an excellent preview- Fox pushes the Big East as still a power conference (which it is) and goes to lengths to explain why. Each of the ten teams gets some dedicated time, and Coach Mack features with some pretty good quotes.

Big East Coast Bias- Is running New Year's resolutions for each team and will be a worthwhile check throughout the day. Xavier's isn't out yet, so this link leads their power rankings. Xavier lands seventh on this list, and the reasons why are not terribly compelling. The writing is a bit bleak, and so is the list compiling. Here's to hoping the Musketeers prove these guys wrong, and soon.

Hopefully those few links get your through until game time. We also have a quick breakdown of each game and a live chat where you can join us through the day. Enjoy your NYE, and remember to designate a driver.