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Pre-Duel Pleasantries: Georgetown

We talked to our good friends over at Casual Hoya to preview our matchup with the Georgetown Hoyas.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

New Year's Eve and Big East hoops. This is clearly going to be a yearly thing, as this year your Xavier Musketeers will be facing off against the Georgetown Hoyas when the ball drops at midnight. We sat down with our good friends over at  Casual Hoya to see how they felt about the matchup. Here is what they had to say.

1.) New Years Eve and we will be playing when the ball drops! Do you like how the league starts off league play?

Well, I like that we have a bunch of games in a marathon-style tipoff thingy, but I hate that our game is the last one since I'll be knee-deep in a 1-course New Year's Eve tasting menu at 'August' in New Orleans.  Hopefully no one else at the table will mind or think I have either an eating disorder or a drug problem when I go to the bathroom every 15 minutes to check the score.

2.) The Hoyas have been very good this year, 8-3 with wins over Indiana and Florida. What has been the key to success?

The biggest key to our success thus far is that this Hoyas team can beat you on the perimeter and in the paint.  On the perimeter, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera leads a group of snipers that include freshman LJ Peak and senior Jabril Trawick, and in the paint, seniors Josh Smith and Mikael Hopkins will have size advantages against most teams in the country.  In addition to those mentioned above, senior Aaron Bowen is a sparkplug off the bench, and freshmen Paul White and Isaac Copeland can hit from anywhere.  Lots of depth on this Georgetown squad.  I'm giddy about it, to be candid.

3.) LJ Peak vs Trevon Bluiett. Very different games, but who do you think is the better freshman?

I haven't seen much of Bluiett yet, but regarding Peak, he has a very mature ability to slash and finish at the rim. I'll reserve deciding who is the better frosh until Big East play gets going, but for now it's definitely Peak because I'll never admit that anything having to do with Xavier is better than Georgetown.

4.) I absolutely love Jabril Trawick's game. Is this rational or should I seek help?

Probably a bit of both.  Hoyas fans love his hard-nosed play and he's the emotional leader of this team.  The downside to that is that sometimes he'll pick up fouls that he shouldn't and can't stay on the floor.  When it's all said and done, he'll probably leave the Hilltop as one of the more beloved players of the JT3 era, because he wears his heart on his sleeve.

5.) Where do you see this Hoyas team finishing in the Big East?

I'm writing this through rose-tinted glasses, but I don't see a team (other than perhaps Villanova) that has the right mix of experience, depth and talent that Georgetown does.  If the Hoyas avoid injury and play to their full potential, I think 2nd in the Big east is certainly reasonable.

6.) What are your feelings on Cincinnati style chili?

Thank you for bringing this up. I will admit it at the outset that I have never had Skyline chili and have only seen pictures.  That being said, calling what is essentially spaghetti with meat sauce and cheese a 'chili' is reprehensible, and the entire city of Cincinnati should be ashamed.  It's one thing to keep trotting out Andy Dalton in playoff games.  It's a whole different ball of wax trying to convince others that pasta is chili.

7.) Prediction for how this game will go and how it will impact your New Year's Eve?

Well, as noted above I'll be at what would have been a lovely dinner, so my New Year's Eve is now completely ruined as I'll be a nervous wreck while trying to enjoy my evening.  The wine pairings should help dull the nerves during the game, however, and the champagne toast to a Hoyas victory as the clock strikes 12 will usher in what will be a real casual 2015.  Hoyas 71 - Muskies 64.