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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Where we ponder the greatest mysteries that the universe has

Kenny waiting for his presents
Kenny waiting for his presents
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Good Saturday morning everyone! Welcome back to the caf! Our Musketeers have been battling through the SEC wilderness and are about to come home from the holidays. With the game against Auburn today, we have a chance to win our own Iron Bowl. But of course we have more story lines to discuss. On with the questions.

1.) With the holiday season among us, do you have any plans for traveling?

2.) Last week we asked what your favorite Christmas movie was, so this time, what is one Christmas movie that you CANNOT STAND?

3.) Your real or hypothetical child is dead set on going to the University of Cincinnati. What do you do?

4.) Recent drink of choice?

5.) Which Musketeer has surprised you the most this season? Can be for any reason at all.

Thanks, and as always leave your answers in the comments section below. On a more serious note, I hope everything has a wonderful holiday season. It is an honor to ask you all silly questions and I wish the best for you all. Enjoy. AMDG.