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ESPN still hates your team, Bob Huggins is still angry, and Xavier still isn't ranked

Plus a look at the future of projecting recruiting and why you should always follow even the stupid rules.

"How many times do I have to tell you?"
"How many times do I have to tell you?"
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN hate list- It has been a long time since I've cared or even known what ESPN thought of any of my favorite teams (though that doesn't stop me from taking shots at them based on what I remember of it); for some people though, keeping up ESPN's biases is an all-consuming passion. This is sensational.

Predictive Analytics for Successful Recruiting | Jackson Fambrough- I'm always leery of trying to use a model to predict what a person will do, but at least Fambrough acknowledges in his writeup here that one of the flaws in his methodology is that the recruits don't always act logically. With that said, it's interesting to see what factors go into the engine he's made here and where the 2015 class lines up. Xavier obviously isn't in on too many of the top players, as we just signed six guys last year.

North Florida loses by two after pregame dunk tech- Why is this even a rule? I can see back in the day when tearing the rim out of the glass was a legitimate concern, but I think we're well past that point now. This one is probably ready to come off the books. In the meantime, it would be prudent for teams to follow it regardless of how silly it is.

College basketball rankings- Polls are ridiculous, I know, but it seems like Xavier should have at least gotten one vote from someone. Instead, the team ranked 26th in the nation by KenPom and 23rd in the Massey aggregate got no love. In the meantime, Davidson is receiving votes. They got pounded by UNC and beat Charlotte by six at home. Other than that, they haven't even played a team in the top 200 in the Pomeroy rankings.

Bob Huggins blasts Dan D'Antoni and Marshall Basketball- Marshall basketball coach Dan D'Antoni suggested that the reason Bob Huggins doesn't like playing his sorry program is that he's scared of them. Bob Huggins was not having that. What is beyond giving it to them with both barrels? That's what Huggins did here.