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Edmond Sumner headed for a medical redshirt

Freshman guard Edmond Sumner has likely seen the last of the court for Xavier this season.

Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As first reported by Shannon Russell, it appears that Xavier freshman guard Edmond Sumner may be heading for a medical redshirt. Sumner - who experienced a four-inch growth spurt late in high school - has been battling knee tendonitis all season. He will be given the opportunity to have another round of treatment and a chance to respond to it, but all signs point to him taking the rest of the year off to get healthy.

Xavier will have to apply for a medical hardship redshirt on his behalf from the NCAA. Unlike Makinde London's developmental redshirt, a medical redshirt cannot be revoked once awarded. Sumner would still be able to participate in all non-game team activities when physically capable of doing so. He would have all four years of eligibility intact.

The roster implications of this move are minimal but not negligible. Sumner has averaged 7 minutes per game in the 6 games he's played. If he is down, Larry Austin, Jr. will move up to the third point guard slot on the depth chart, leaving him injury or ineffectiveness from Randolph or Dee Davis from getting extended minutes. So far this year Austin Jr has been ineffective, posting an assist rate of 4.6% to go with a turnover rate of 57.2% in just 5.5 minutes per game.