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Monday News and Notes

Butler was really overrated, three pointers are always fun, and the best pictures of the week that was.

Your favorite Uber driver puts it in reverse.
Your favorite Uber driver puts it in reverse.
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Butler was overrated- We've covered, again and again, how unreliable and ridiculous media polls are. The Butler Bulldogs are the latest team to prove that. Despite being below Xavier in the KenPom rankings, Butler was ranked 15th in the nation. The Bulldogs were promptly dispatched by a Tennessee team that was ranked 103rd coming into the game. That one loss may not prove a whole lot, but Butler being in the top 25 was an overreach.

Teams left the Big East for the AAC in the hopes it would become the next big power. Instead, UConn and UC have found themselves mired in a league that ranks just behind the Atlantic 10 and ninth in the nation. The best team remains the Huskies, who are 36th in the KenPom. That would be sixth in the Big East, sandwiched between Butler and Seton Hall.

This is a fun read about three pointers- Ken Pomeroy has a look at the players who have accumulated the greatest amount of three pointers made in the shortest amount of time. Special credit goes to Marshall Henderson for jacking up a shocking 12 in a seven minute span. That's just amazing, and probably a good way to make your teammates mad.

Xavier appears behind the paywall- I hesitate to link to ESPN Insider because only people who pay for it or ESPN The Magazine can see it, but this article spends a few paragraphs talking about Xavier. Of course, John Gasaway seems to think the polls are a good way of telling how good a team is, but it's still nice to see the Musketeers in a feature article.

This hasn't made the news "I Can't Breathe" has- Two Oregon Ducks stood for the national anthem in the what is the now becoming very recognizable "Hands up, don't shoot" stance. Head coach Dana Altman was, to say the least, not very happy about it. As always, avoid that comment section unless you want to be disgusted by your fellow man.

This is really cool- CBS has put together the best pictures from the week in college basketball. The one of Eddie Jordan is my personal favorite, but there are a lot of cool pictures here. I'll try to find this as it comes out every week.