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Thursday News and Notes

Matt Stainbrook is the tallest Uber driver on record, Incarnate Word somehow keeps winning, and the president of the NCAA is as clueless as you'd think.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Stainbrook's driving proclivities- The Uber driver story is a good one, and now Dana O'Neil from ESPN has picked it up as well. There's so more new info in here, as well as a good quote from Coach Mack. Mostly though, Matt seems to be one of those guys who is interesting even if you've heard the story before. Most importantly, he want the Browns to make the switch to Manziel more quickly, something else he has in common with the Banners staff.

I clowned on Incarnate Word the other day- And then they went out and beat Nebraska. According to, I'm certain, a lot of voters in the media polls, that will mean they merit votes this week. Still, congrats are in order to the 171st team in the KenPom ratings as they work through their first season playing predominantly Division One competition.

Mark Emmert goes out of his way to prove he's clueless- There may not be an organization in major sports that is more reactive and less efficient than the NCAA. Don't tell to try Mark Emmert though, he thinks that things are just dandy. "I think the perception that we're not doing anything that has been kicked around in some of the media is just dead wrong." No, Mark we just think you are doing a terrible job.

Georgetown warmed up in "I Can't Breathe" shirts- Unless you are into thinly veiled racism I can't recommend reading the comments section there. (The one at Casual Hoya is safe). It's interesting to see this movement spread out of the pro ranks and into college. The Hoyas were the first, but it's probably safe to assume that they won't be the last. Unless, of course, Mark Emmert decides that t-shirts are definitely something he can come down hard on.

If you are looking for someone to cheer for outside Xavier- Speedy Smith of La. Tech might be the guy for you. Smith didn't jump to a better AAU team out of loyalty to the one that he originally joined, says " I want to make sure our team gets out on a good win streak and make the best of this year. So I don't really think of the NBA, overseas, or professional level as much. I'll leave that up to people talking and viewing film," when asked about the next level, and plays every game in memory of his brother, the victim of an unsolved homicide.