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Men's soccer has ended, Dez Wells is taking a break, and college ball started somewhere

Plus all the news that is news that doesn't make me think about those two losses.

I miss you, Dez.
I miss you, Dez.
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Let's get caught up from the weekend while studiously ignoring the fact that Xavier was really bad for most of it.

Men's Soccer Falls in NCAA Third Round Action at Creighton, 2-1 |
It has to start with this piece. I'm guessing many of our readers have had their athletic careers end, and many of those probably knew it was happening when it happened. I think we'd all agree that, in the moment, it's a bitter pill to swallow. Despite that, the seniors from this year's team - along with all the rest of the players, coaches, and staff involved - should look back on this year with pride. They represented the school well and gave us all some great memories in the process.

50 Cent's Son Is Eyeing College Basketball Scholarships | Iyana Robertson
You might think that a player who is 18 and wanted to play at the next level would already have some scholarships lined up, but apparently that's not the case. Still, I like this because it's a fun story with pop culture tie-ins and it doesn't make me think of what Xavier did.

Forget Kentucky: The Big East is the story of college basketball | Zach Braziller
Don't let the headline fool you, this article isn't especially positive regarding the Big East. It discounts the hot start as a small sample and basically meaningless in terms of predictive value. Worse yet, it was written before this weekend's disappointing results. It's nice to see your conference getting some press though. There's no such thing as bad publicity right now.

Maryland's Dez Wells fractures right wrist, will miss four weeks | Roman Stubbs
Keep in mind that this Xavier team would have had both Dez Wells and Justin Martin on the roster and once had a verbal commitment from D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera. I know that this fantasy causes a logjam of other roster issues, but just take a moment to sit back with me and imagine what this group could do with those three players also involved. Anyway, Dez picked up a knock and is out until near the new year.

Vanderbilt lays claim as the true "birthplace of college basketball" | Lauren Kirschman
Wherever it started, I'm glad it did.