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Sunday News and Notes has social media

The best way to procrastinate on a lazy Sunday is with Banners on the Parkway

Return of the Mack
Return of the Mack
Gregory Shamus

With one (exhibition) game down there is a lot to talk about in Xavier Nation as well as across college basketball.  Let's get started.

Social media reaction to last night's game| Box scores and stats can tell you a lot, but sometimes it's nice to see how it played out on social media. It looks like a lot of people were impressed with the new court and the student section is ready for the season to start. Lots of vine's and twitter pictures on the page, and dunks. There will be dunks.

Go Xavier's recap from the game last night | As you can expect from a 102-68 exhibition win, there is a lot of Xavier domination in the recap, but for those of us like myself who were not there in person it tells a good story. Also has the video of Coach Mack's post game press conference, which is definitely worth a watch.

Not just basketball was played yesterday at Cintas | The volleyball team had a home match earlier in the day and defeated Georgetown 3-0. The first two sets were not even close, but the Hoyas made a strong run in the third set to push the Musketeers. With the win, the Musketeers are now 9-6 in the Big East this year. Keep it up ladies, and please beat Butler next weekend.

Virginia suspends two players for the season opener | Evan Nolte and London Perrantes violated team rules over the summer and are going to miss the season opener as well as the Cavaliers two preseason games. The game is at James Madison, so Virginia will be ok.

Times have been tough in Tennessee since Pearl left | Good read on how Tennessee got rid of Bruce Pearl to avoid a storm but they are now looking at a big one but without the big winning. Recruiting woes and an investigation into Southern MIss during the time that Donnie Tyndall was there. Grab the popcorn.

And one "high school team" cancelled a game because their star player was sick | By now you may have heard of high schooler Skal Labissiere. He is a senior who is being courted by some of the top teams in the country, including Georgetown. Earlier this year he transferred schools and the governing body in Tennessee ruled him ineligible for the season. Then he announced that he was playing for "Reach Your Dream Prep". His new team cancelled their game last week because Labissiere was sick. Has this ever happened in the history of sports? A team cancels a game just because one player is sick? From time to time it happens when an entire team or a majority of a team is sick, but for one player?