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Xavier handles Northwood, as you would expect

You want to see your team navigate their exhibition game with no problems, and Xavier did that in style tonight.

Dee Davis and the Muskies handled business tonight.
Dee Davis and the Muskies handled business tonight.

What happened: Xavier 102 - Northwood 68

UPDATE: our guys at got some video highlights up; please enjoy.

With the gamecast not working, no TV coverage, and no radio, it was a night of gleaning details of Xavier's exhibition game off of Twitter. It's kind of silly to read too much into one exhibition, so let's just run through a list of bullet points, take in some highlights, and start the discussion.

  • Brandon Randolph started at the two, which surprised me and a lot of other people.
  • Brandon Randolph did not score any points, which surprised me and a lot of other people. He went for 0/3/2 on 0-8/0-0/0-0 shooting.
  • The top four scorers were forwards, which shouldn't be too big of a surprise considering the fact that Northwood's starting center is 6'7"; I'm not reading too much into that.
  • James Farr joins Brandon Randolph on the list of surprise starters who didn't produce much. Were they just out there at the tip to light some fires, or is Coach Mack playing at something with this?
  • Larry Austin was very impressive, going for 6/4/7 on 3-4/0-0/0-0 shooting. Couple that with his vocal leadership and his play in Brazil and you may well be looking at Xavier's backup point guard from day one.
  • Xavier's 23-29 from the line was encouraging to anyone who watched their struggles at the stripe last year.
  • The Muskies also posted 26 assists on 37 buckets, which is a nice display of sharing the ball.

On the whole, Xavier did what you would expect to see them do to a D2 team, and they got out of there with no injuries. Here's the whole box score for your perusal:

And some highlights via the technological marvel that is Vine:

There you have it, Xavier fans. The exhibition is in the books, and it's nothing but real basketball between us and March. What were your impressions of the team tonight? Did anything that happened change your view on the season going forward?