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Redshirts possible for Xavier?

Are there enough minutes in the game to accommodate six incoming freshmen? Coach Mack's comments indicate there may not be.

It won't be this guy.
It won't be this guy.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

According to a couple of tweets from the Cincinnati Enquirer, Xavier may redshirt players yet this year. Those players would have to be announced before the first game on the 14th of November, one week from today. Coach Mack was about as reticent as you would expect someone making that decision to be when the paper asked him about it. Andy Dalton is certainly a leading candidate.

There are some players who figure to be immune to the redshirt. JP Macura is a dead eye three point shooter and it's hard to have too many of those, Trevon Bluiett isn't getting redshirted, and it's hard to imagine that Edmond Sumner would unless injury issues continue. That leaves Sean O'Mara, Makinde London, and Larry Austin Jr. Depending on how Xavier's coaching staff sees the point guard position (and Brandon Randolph is also eligible) it's probably fair to assume that Austin Jr. is safe as well. You can do the math from there.

The best guess, and I emphasize this is just a guess, from here is that Sean O'Mara gets another year of seasoning before setting foot on the floor for the Musketeers. That is assuming that Coach Mack doesn't elect to go with a very deep bench and really use the freshmen that he just brought in. We'll all know in a week.