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Indiana spanked Xavier's exhibition opponent; a kid will play for Bellarmine

Also, how about those Cleveland Browns?

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Gregory Shamus

Indiana v. Northwood box score |
Northwood got spanked pretty soundly, as you would expect they would, by an Indiana squad that had only nine healthy players. Not nine scholarship players, nine players total. The bench scored five points for Indiana, but the starters had 89, so it was okay. This is only interesting in that Xavier plays Northwood tomorrow.

XU's Edmond Sumner closer to return | Shannon Russell
Edmond Sumner has been struggling with knee tendinitis that has held him out of practice, but Coach Mack says he's almost ready to get back to action. He'll miss the exhibition and probably the first game, but the problem is not anticipated to cost him significant time.

Formica and Arbor Day Foundation Team Up With Men's Basketball to Launch "3's for Trees" |
For every three-point shot the men's basketball team makes, Formica will contribute ten trees to the Arbor Day Foundation, who will plant them in reforestation efforts across the country. The team's progress can be tracked via this link all year. Last year, that would have been good for 1,740 trees, which is a good number of trees. It also led to this delightful exchange on Twitter:

2014-15 Season Preview: Ten possible ‘Cinderellas' | Raphielle Johnson,
It's nice to see Xavier not on a list like this, owing to the fact that they're not a Cinderella so much as just a good team. There are a couple of team on the Muskies' schedule on here though; let's hope at least one of them gets hot and ends up providing Xavier an RPI boost.

Teen with cancer to play for Bellarmine against Louisville | Dana O'Neil,
After receiving "treatment reserved for patients who have not responded to chemotherapy," 15-year-old leukemia patient Patrick McSweeney will play for Bellarmine this Sunday in an exhibition. Bellarmine coach Scott Davenport started working on this in July and just on Wednesday got approval from the NCAA to actually do it. Real feather in your cap there, NCAA.

Did you guys all catch the game last night? #HoyerTheDestroyer