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Wednesday News and Notes could do without Bill Raftery

Today starts serious, takes a turn for the absurd, and ends with college students living their 15 seconds of fame.

Please be waving goodbye.
Please be waving goodbye.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you didn't think Bill Raftery was the most obnoxious announcer alive- He's trademarking the idiotic things that come out of his mouth. And now, a rant: I don't like announcers who make themselves part of the game. I loathed Dick Vitale in his "prime," I don't like the old guy on ESPN who picks games by putting stupid things on his head, and I think Chris Berman is an insufferable buffoon. There is a difference between the natural almost childlike excitement of Gus Johnson (whose main lines flow naturally from his speech patterns) and just shoehorning things in because you aren't intelligent enough to accurately describe what you are seeing without defaulting back to simpleton. Bill Raftery is the very worst part about Xavier moving to the Big East, and I say that as someone who knows we gave up a yearly home win over Dayton. Blurting out lines that you hope to make money on isn't announcing, it's demonstrating that you lack the class to do your job with a modicum of professionalism.

We probably won't be getting an interview with him now.

Things go from bad to worse in Indiana-  Devin Davis was found to be at fault in a car wreck that left him hospitalized, and now Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson have been suspended for failing drug tests. Tom Crean lengthened the suspension for each to four games, up from what is mandated.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska- Coach Tim Miles applied to be the director of The Iron N, the Cornhuskers student section. Coaches that don't take themselves too seriously are a credit to their profession, and Coach Miles apparently is intent on heading that line. The entire three page application is worth a read, but this paragraph stood out to me: "I'm not much for face or body painting but I do like to go commando for gamedays. It really gives that level of freedom that I need for inspiration. I think a tradition like this would take the Red Zone to the next level." Miles did not get the job.

Over in Des Moines, Iowa, things also got exciting- Every college kid wants both a car, and the adulation of screaming fans. Alex Tillinghast, a freshman at Drake, won both an F150 and a court storming by making a layup, free throw, three pointer, and half court shot in 30 seconds. Alex' form is not textbook, but it got the job done. Also, he did it in khakis while sporting a 'fro.

At Bryan College (NAIA pride!), more of the same- Gustavo Angel Tamoya made his challenge in four straight shots to earn $10,000 in tuition money. Tamoya didn't have the benefit of a rebounder, which arguably made his the more impressive. I say arguably because he did have the benefit of what must be the kindest rim east of the Mississippi.

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