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Tuesday News and Notes thinks polls are useless

The AP poll is out, is it worth paying any attention to?

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Will this guy factor into Xavier's season?
Will this guy factor into Xavier's season?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The AP top 25 is out- UK is picked number one, just like they were last year. Remember 40-0? Neither does anyone else, because even the best players money can buy couldn't live up to the hype. Villanova represents the Big East at 12th. Interestingly, Ohio State is 20th, Dayton and UC both receive votes, and Xavier isn't mentioned. In the Luke Winn piece this morning, we saw how close he has Xavier, UD, and UC. Is it possible there isn't a clear cut best team in Ohio this year? One thing is certain, it's not Kent State.

Ken Pomeroy weighs in on how much credence to lend this poll- More than you might think, as it turns out. As a method of determining who fits where at the end of the year, it might not be great, but it definitely goes a long way to showing who the top 15 teams in the nation are. After that, it's a crapshoot.

If you need to get caught up on who those teams are- You can do that by following the link. All of this preseason talk is a good deal of fun, but there will be several of these teams that completely vanish by March and a concomitant number that rise to take their place.

Brandon Randolph is looking to improve- For some reason Randolph seems to draw very vocal support when we mention him. According to him, he's looking to play his game more this year and correct the mistakes he made last year. You can read here to see how Randolph compares to other freshmen who have put up numerically comparable seasons.

I'd be curious to know whether he thinks Xavier is going to move up or down. Either way, this is the highest I've seen the Musketeers projected by anyone.