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Coach Mack writes a tribute to Lauren Hill; UNC students take pretend classes

What was your favorite course in college? If you went to UNC, it was probably the one where you didn't have to attend or turn in any assignments to pass.

Several Tar Heels got three semester hours of credit for this news conference.
Several Tar Heels got three semester hours of credit for this news conference.
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You need to read Coach Mack's letter for Lauren Hill | Banners
How could this not be the lead story? A journey that most Xavier fans first became aware of when the Cintas Center opened its doors to Mount Saint Joseph's in one sense culminated with yesterday's game. Coach Mack took a moment to write down his thoughts on the ride and what it will mean to the program going forward.


This is Jon Rothstein's take on what the Xavier starting five will be when the season begins in just under two weeks. I only throw it in there because he has Abell where a lot of folks have had Myles Davis. Who are you putting in there if you're Coach Mack? My gut says it's Abell's slot to lose and that he won't lose it before the season opener.


Mario Mercurio dressed up as a Game of Thrones thing (I don't follow the show myself), Brad Redford gave a nod to White Men Can't Jump, and Coach Steele dressed his kid as a pumpkin. Carry on.


If you're on Twitter and like basketball, follow Jon Rothstein. In the meantime, he both thinks Xavier could finish second in the Big East and thinks Coach Mack is a good coach. I read enough message boards to know that the opinion on Mack is mixed to say the least. Can the dude coach, or is he just a great recruiter?

Roy Williams concerned about rep | Dana O'Niel,
Over 3,000 student, nearly half of which were athletes, took classes at UNC that only existed on paper. The implications of this reach well beyond NCAA sanctions into the realm of UNC possibly losing its accreditation. Roy Williams obviously doesn't want this to be on his sporting tombstone, but it's a potential scandal of incredible proportions.