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Thanksgiving coverage at Banners

Xavier and family time tend to run hand in hand. Come Thanksgiving, that brings a bit of a change in the coverage around here.

Gruffle, young man, gruffle.
Gruffle, young man, gruffle.
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

There is no question that Thanksgiving reigns supreme among the holidays for the Banners staff. Whilst the rest of the world watches the drudgery of American football (seriously, why is there a 40 second break between any sort of action?) we will be ensconced in Xavier's new tradition of the Thanksgiving tournament. What Xavier and Thanksgiving means to us is family, and we hope it means some semblance of the same to you. That also means that there will be some changes in the usual coverage.

Thursday's game against San Diego will get the usual preview that comes with every matchup. While we also set up the live chat, complete with listings and pregame stats, there will be a paucity of Banners staff available at the time of the game. Our world renowned tweet game will also be off during the game. Family time is family time, but we will have our thoughts on Twitter when we catch up to the game. As the tournament proceeds we will have both recaps and previews of the next two games, despite the quick turnover.

Thank you all for reading this year and for making us a part of your Xavier traditions.