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Tuesday News and Notes

A massive travel wins a game, HAVOC works except when it really, really doesn't, and the Big East is off to an awesome start.

Seriously guys, get it together.
Seriously guys, get it together.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier is receiving votes elsewhere, too- Polls are essentially pointless but fun. Power rankings are somewhat along the same line, but at least they have the benefit of mildly intelligent people  (and Seth Greenberg) chiming in. In ESPN's latest top 25, Xavier bagged two votes. The benefit of this one is that it only started this week and doesn't have the preseason stigma attached to it. Hey, two votes is better than none.

Time for expanded review in college basketball?- This was a great game that most of the country probably missed. However, officials missed a travel of genuinely massive proportions on Aqeel Quinn on the game tying three pointer at the end of the first OT. Not simply a shuffle of the feet, Quinn caught his own rejected shot just inside the three point line and then simply backpedaled until he was behind the arc. Would it be worth it to have a quick review system in place to change such blatantly wrong calls?

"Four white guys and an Egyptian"- Rick Pitino's Louisville team obliterated Savannah State last night, and he clearly felt bad about it. The game won't get many highlights, but his postgame comments will.

Has HAVOC hit the end of its shelf life?- Everyone has seen what Shaka Smart's VCU teams can do when HAVOC works, but what happens when it doesn't? Villanova beats you 77-53. The defense is brutally effective against teams that don't have solid guards, but Rob Dauster points out that teams that get into the half court can rip the Rams apart.

Speaking of the Big East- Look at these conference standings. No, the non-conference hasn't been loaded with marquee names, but only Marquette has lost so far. The conference is 2-1 against the SP Top 25 and 34-2 overall. That just an incredible start, no matter how you slice it.