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Xavier soccer drama, another Thanksgiving tournament, and bad Big Dance ideas

Alex Risdale's money isn't good anywhere in Cincinnati right now, and Dan Gavitt's ideas aren't good anywhere at all at any time.

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First off, a huge hat tip the the Xavier men's soccer team, which will be advancing in the NCAA tournament. How they did it is amazing: Alex Risdale pounced on a loose ball in the box and curled an unstoppable winner into the upper corner.

That was a golden goal in the second OT. Whoever scored was winning, whoever did not was going home with no chance to respond. There's almost no basketball equivalent to that kind of pressure. Huge, huge congrats to the soccer team. They'll play Indiana at 1pm on Sunday.

Men's Basketball Will Play In The 2015 Orlando Classic |
In basketball news, Xavier announced yesterday that they'll be part of the 2015 Orlando Classic in... well, Orlando. ESPN hosts the event, so for one weekend you'll get to hear them speak well of Xavier before going back to ignoring them and the entire Big East until the middle of March. Other teams in the event are Alabama, Dayton, Iowa, Notre Dame, Southern California, Wichita State, and a team to be announced at a future date.

Jay Wright: I think the league is going to be outstanding |
FOX Sports, on the other hand, has an interest in promoting the Big East, so they're doing just that. Jay Wright apparently doesn't watch ESPN, because he's under the impression the Big East is not in a defining tailspin but rather a good basketball league. I have no reason not to believe him.

Could NCAA tournament committee follow Playoff's lead? | Nicole Auerbach, USA Today
The NCAA basketball tournament is toying with the idea of revealing some of the field as it stands early, much like the NCAA football playoff committee is doing. Dan Gavitt, the NCAA vice president of men's basketball championships, cites "transparency" as their main motivation for doing so. "Transparency" must be code for "those sweet, sweet ad revenue dollars."

Garbage time: NCAA Tournament chiefs should trash plans for weekly selection update | Mike DeCourcy
Mike DeCourcy hates the idea.

Dear Dan Gavitt: Don't follow college football, no pre-Selection Sunday bracket reveals | Rob Dauster
So does Rob Dauster.