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Thursday news and notes has snow pictures

The Big East gets a quality win, ESPN stays myopic, and Buffalo gets buried.

I hate snow
I hate snow
John Normile/Getty Images

ESPN starts the day off by looking at some matchup nightmares- Only Keifer Sykes of Green Bay is not a household name on this list. As usual, the crack staff at ESPN just cobbled together some names from the BCS (do we still call them that?) conferences, slapped a new label on them, and went with it. For what it's worth, I think Trevon Bluiett is the toughest matchup on Xavier right now.

Tark the Shark is in the hospital- His teams at UNLV split public opinion, but I loved them. College ball doesn't have many characters like Jerry Tarkanian anymore, and that's probably a good thing, but it's hard not miss the days when the sideline could sometimes be as interesting as the game.

The Big East picked up a good non conference win last night- They did it on style too, with Creighton storming back from down 18, ripping off a 24-4 run, and knocking off #18 Oklahoma. The Bluejays are looking like a team in the upper middle of the conference right now, so it's good to see them grab a big win early. All of this plays into the strength of Xavier's schedule so the more Big East teams win, they better off the Musketeers are.

The Niagara University women's team had quite a trip home from Pitt- If you haven't googled for pictures from Buffalo by now, I question how you spend your time at work. The Niagara women spent over 24 hours sitting in their bus in I-90. Apparently those huge people carriers can idle for over 200 hours, so everyone was fine. Canisus has cancelled their games and, this isn't even remotely basketball related, the Buffalo Bills game has been called impractical.

What's the issue?

I can't very well tease it and not deliver- Here are some good shots from the snowstorm. Up here in Cleveland we occasionally get a whole lot of snow in a very little time. What Buffalo is getting, though, is just beyond the pale.

You'll have to go elsewhere for Big Gulps and overcooked hot dogs.