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Wednesday news and notes is making it rain

Xavier is 2-0, and all is well. That's not all that's happening around basketball, though.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier is finally getting some national recognition- There isn't a lot of great information here, but it's clear that the people around the program think they are on to something this year. This little tidbit brought back some memories "The last time Xavier scored 90 or more points in each of its first two games was the 1997-98 team that featured the three-guard lineup of Gary Lumpkin, Lenny Brown and Darnell Williams." Those were the days.

If you missed any of our coverage it's all here- Of particular note is the question of how long the offense can support a defense that wasn't inclined to stop much of anyone last night.

68 things to get you ready- ESPN has all sorts of tidbits about all sorts of teams here. It's definitely worth a read, but this was my favorite: "Stanford's Chasson (pronounced CHASE-in) Randle got his name thanks to a pact his father made with his buddies. Whoever had a son first in the group would name him "Chasson Dames." Get it? As an adult, his dad thought better of the idea: Randle's middle name is Jermar. Sounds more mature"

This game looked nothing like the matchup it was billed to be- While we were all watching Xavier dismantle LBSU, Kentucky was doing the same to Kansas. Either Kentucky is really good this year, or Kansas was overrated. It won't matter by March though, when a Calipari team will have again swooned far below where their potential.

Lauren Hill probably won't play basketball again- The heartwarming story of early November is, unfortunately, coming to its end. Hill has begun having to use a wheelchair near the end of days and now struggles to even practice every day. Donations to The Cure Starts Now can still be made through her page.

If you love the three, this is the read for you- Ken Pomeroy puts together a team comprised of the best three point shooters in college basketball. The lack of any Xavier players doesn't make this any less enjoyable, but it does make me wonder if JP Macura has a pure enough shot to make a list like this next year.