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Xavier v. Long Beach State: Set Your Depth Chart

Who starts? More importantly, who gets the best minutes? We might know, but it's more fun to let everyone guess. (We don't know)

What's the over/under on minutes played for you, James?
What's the over/under on minutes played for you, James?
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

We're one game into a long season and the depth chart is probably no clearer or more murky than it was Friday morning. Congrats to the people who had both Brandon Randolph getting big minutes behind a dinged-up Dee Davis and James Farr getting the start over Jalen Reynolds. You're currently leading standings we don't keep for an award that doesn't exist! Keep up the good work.

BOILERPLATE SECTION: everyone jump in with their depth charts in the comments; this is clearly becoming a thing. Be prepared to be respectful in questioning what other people put and in defending what you wrote. For what it's worth, here's some info that might inform your decisions:

  • Dee Davis is still battling a rib injury
  • Edmond Sumner sat out the opener with knee tendinitis; I haven't seen an update on him
  • Makinde London is still redshirting and will be all season

We still don't have the KenPom depth chart numbers to play with, so here's the team sorted by minutes played in the opener:

Player MIN
Trevon Bluiett 25
Jalen Reynolds 23
Remy Abell 23
Dee Davis 20
Matt Stainbrook 19
Myles Davis 19
J.P. Macura 18
James Farr 17
Brandon Randolph 15
Larry Austin Jr. 12
Sean O'Mara 6
Kevin Coker 1
Tim Stainbrook 1
Andrew Mitchell 1