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Xavier v. Northern Arizona: Set Your Depth Chart

There are 24 hours until the season tips off; you tell us who should be playing and how much.

Will Dee miss his second straight season opener?
Will Dee miss his second straight season opener?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We're starting something new this year. Before every game, we're going to ask you who you think will be getting the minutes at each positions for Xavier. Throw down your starters at each position, then list their backups in descending order of how much they should see the floor. Then give us a brief overview of how it all shakes out in your mind.

I promise it will be more simple than it sounds. Everyone jump in with their depth charts in the comments, and hopefully this becomes a thing. Be prepared to be respectful in questioning what other people put and in defending what you wrote. For what it's worth, here's some info that might inform your decisions:

And the box score from the exhibition game, with minutes played listed:

Happy depth charting!