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Tuesday News and Notes isn't the season preview

Xavier looks at an eight seed, John Calipari looks at Georgetown College as a joke, and Austin Hatch finally gets where he's been trying so hard to go.

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Our 2014-15 Season Preview comes out today. Make sure you don't miss part one and keep an eye peeled for part two coming out later this afternoon.

The bracket is out!- With the caveat that I find projecting one of the most volatile tournaments in the world a solid five months before it starts completely absurd, the first round matchup that this one serves up for Xavier is delectable. Beating Dayton for a shot at UK would be a great start to any tournament. Other things of not in this bracketology: UC also pulls an eight seed, Villanova is projected as a four seed, Georgetown as an eight and that's it for the Big East.

This is one of those ridiculous arguments people love to make- Surely a great college team could beat a terrible professional one, right? You usually see this with the NFL (and some years our Browns do make you wonder), but even John Calipari thinks his team of semi-pros wouldn't be able to handle even the worst of the NBA right now. This comes on the heels of UK crushing the college rival of most of the Banners staff, Georgetown College, by a score of 121-52. Have a suck of that one, Georgetown.

It's more than just basketball- According to our friends at Anonymous Eagle, Xavier soccer is in line for both the rookie of the year (Matt Vasquenza) and coach of the year (Andy Fleming) awards. This approaching blast of cool air will make playing soccer genuinely unpleasant, so hopefully some conference awards will help keep the Musketeers warm.

You can't get into the tournament in November- Here's a list of games, and teams, that can really impact the bubble picture come March. This one is behind the paywall at ESPN, but it's definitely worth a look if you are seeing to how the season is going to shake out.

Two time plane crash survivor scores first points- You're probably familiar with at least the basics of the Austin Hatch story: the young man has been in, and lived through, two separate plane crashes but has lost his entire family. Monday night, he scored his first points as a Michigan Wolverine.