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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Where we ponder the great mysteries of the universe in the most academic of settings.

Raise your hand if you want real eggs in your omelette
Raise your hand if you want real eggs in your omelette
Mike Ehrmann

Good morning Musketeers. Welcome to the month that basketball begins. That's right, it is finally November. We are finally in the same month as Xavier basketball. On this pleasant Saturday morning, we bring you the most significant questions to ponder. As always, post your answers in the comments below.

1) How did your Halloween go?

2) If you gave out candy last night (or if you didn't, then hypothetically....) did you give out your favorite kind of candy in the hope that you'll have plenty leftover, or did you give out mediocre candy so that you would be more generous?

3) If you follow the kind of basketball that started this week and where no-one is being given a degree, who do you support?

4) Do you prefer reading on a screen or do you prefer print?

5) Zero preseason rankings have Xavier in the top 25 and some do not have Xavier getting a single vote. Does this bother you or do you shrug off the preseason polls?

Thanks Musketeers and have a great Saturday. We're only 13 days away now, so start practicing your cheers and clapping to the fight song. Enjoy your Saturday everyone. AMDG.