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Layups for Lauren; refs already making bad choices; Muskies dressed up

Xavier shoots dizzy layups for Lauren Hill while officials snoop on each others' assignments and compensation. Other stuff also happened. Happy Friday!

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Dee a full three inches shorter than he is now.
Dee a full three inches shorter than he is now.
Xavier Musketeers Facebook

Xavier answers Whitworth's #layup4lauren challenge | David Clark
By now I'm sure you've heard of Lauren Hill, the terminally ill Mount Saint Joseph's basketball player who will play her first and final college game at Cintas on Sunday. Here Xavier answers Andre Whitworth's #layup4lauren challenge. Whitworth also challenged UC; as of this writing, they have not responded.

Refs disciplined for web access | Jeff Goodman,
This is a weird story. Someone hacked, a website that handles information regarding officiating schedules and compensation, and several officials have accessed information that they were not authorized to see. Some guys aren't working this year, others have been dropped from their conferences... the fallout from this is strange.

Why be bad at part of a sport you're trying to be good at? | John Gasaway
John Gasaway looks at the relationship between offensive rebounding, scoring chances, and transition defense. As is often the case, the numbers run counter to the traditional wisdom in places. A good read, especially if understanding the game as you watch it is your thing.

J.P. as a swashbuckling pirate, or Dee as a saluting soldier? | Xavier Musketeers
The Muskies' Facebook page has pictures of Dee and J.P. from Halloween way back in the day. Fast forward to now, and they're playing basketball for Xavier and kids are dressing up as them.

Banners on the Parkway Facebook page | Banners on the Parkway
While we're on the subject of Facebook, click through and give us a like or a follow or whatever is the appropriate term. We'll have all the same great stuff you get from us on here, plus Facebook-exclusive content throughout the season and more conversation with other Xavier fans. It's going to be a thing.