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Thursday News and Notes has the World Series

Don't worry, Hunter Pence is not cursing his way through today's edition of the news.

The Royals are finally eliminated!
The Royals are finally eliminated!
Dilip Vishwanat

Madison Bumgarner was the World Series MVP- Sorry if baseball isn't why you come here, but last night's game was so good it merits some mention. Alex Gordon and the Royals absurd luck finally ran out when they ran into the same player that no other team could hit this postseason. With baseball out of the way, only the NFL remains as a distraction until college ball starts up.

Looking for single game tickets?- They are on sale now. Speaking of which, a ticket to see LeBron's homecoming tonight will cost at least $300 just to get in the door, $600 to get in the lower level, and $10,00 to be courtside. Those prices are three times what NBA Finals tickets cost when the Cavs lost to the Spurs. Xavier ducats are much more affordable and you won't have to watch the Knicks.

Coach Mack twitches during plays- And other things Big East players find amusing about their coaches.

Xavier isn't just basketball- The ninth ranked men's soccer squad just lost their first Big East game but remain atop the conference. If you're looking for some good entertainment while it's still pleasant outside, you can do far worse than a soccer match or two.

Makinde London has chosen a good mentor- London probably won't ever be the player David West was for Xavier, but there's no shame in that. It's nice to see an incoming player aware of and recognizing the history of the program.