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KenPom explains why some teams are underrated; CBS loves Xavier

If you were worried about what the Pomeroy rankings had to say, here are some reasons not to be. Being an athlete may be the easiest way to a college degree.

Xavier's principles have provided oversight on scholastics.
Xavier's principles have provided oversight on scholastics.
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Ken Pomeroy explained his preseason rankings- And it turns out there are two very good reasons that Xavier is currently sitting lower than we'd like: "The system does not give any special consideration to new players entering the program" and "There is no allowance for impact transfers or redshirt freshmen. So if your program has a high-profile transfer joining the team, the system may be underrating it." So there go the six incoming freshman and Remy Abell. There are reasons Pomeroy does this, but it does mean Xavier's ranking is very fluid.

As if things weren't bad enough for DePaul- Transfer forward Rashaun Stimage broke his foot in a scrimmage and will be out 8-10 weeks. Oliver Purnell was trying to manage a roster overhaul, and this isn't going to help.

The CBS top 25 has only one Big East team- No points for guessing it was Villanova.

But in their Big East preview...- Xavier landed third. There's some positive content in the article, but this line stands out "I mean, it's Xavier. The Musketeers are almost always good, and deep enough it's unthinkable they won't be in the mix, earning at least 10 league wins."

The NCAA is corrupt- Not sure if you knew that.

If you knew that- It should also come as no surprise that athletes are coddled to an absurd degree when it comes graduation. No one who has spent time around a major sporting program doubts what the Drake Group (a different one, not OVO) has to say. Thankfully, Xavier and Sister Rose have been holding themselves to a much higher standard for some time.

Speaking of which-