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Tuesday News and Notes has KenPom reaction

The Big East came out ok in the first KenPom rankings of the year. Team specific reaction, though, was all over the place.

Buzz Williams or a large, angry potato. You decide.
Buzz Williams or a large, angry potato. You decide.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Seton Hall seems about right- But South Orange Juice join us in wondering exactly what it was that Xavier as a collective whole did to Mr. Pomeroy. That may be overstating it a bit, but Xavier being significantly worse this than they were last is a bit hard to comprehend.

While the rankings were rough on Xavier, they crushed Marquette- You would think that Buzz leaving would be worth a huge boost, but apparently even Pomeroy's numbers can't factor for that. You should see it on the court though, as Golden Eagles players may appear interested in basketball games.

KenPom is high on St. John's- The 17 foot jumper may be the new market inefficiency. Norman of Rumble in the Garden makes this astute observation: "Xavier's ability to get burnt from outside the arc likely drops them down a bit below popular predictions." It's hard to argue that.

ESPN's Top 25 Power Rankings- No shock here, but Villanova is the only Big East team on the list. What is surprising is last year's media darling/ paper tiger Wichita St. landing at 10th. Apparently that's what a second round loss and the departure of your best player gets you.

Josh Smith had an...unusual summer job- Smith isn't the most normal of college ballplayers. Still, this is a bit of a surprise.