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Muskteer Madness was awesome; ESPN is still mad at the Big East

More video highlights from Friday night, more saltiness from ESPN, and more Xavier previews than you know what to do with.

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The kind of elevation that wins dunk contests.
The kind of elevation that wins dunk contests.
Jim McIsaac

First, the highlights of Musketeer Madness in case you missed them:

The more I look at it, the more I think Makinde London's goal was to dunk all three of those balls. The one he tossed off the top of the glass was supposed to bounce back to him so he could throw it down. That would have been sensational.

Xavier basketball partners with startup Tixers |
The Tixers program allows someone with a package of tickets to swap individual tickets for games they can't attend for future events on down the line. It's obviously very new, but it's a cool concept, and being association with Xavier will give them a marquee client. The benefit for fans, of course, is being able to get something meaningful out of otherwise dead tickets.

Big East at a crossroads in Year 2 | Dana O'Neil,
How long it will be until ESPN stops telling everyone that the Big East is less Big Easty than, you know, the Big East they had broadcast rights to is anyone's guess. If you had "after one year" in your pool though, you lose.

2014-15 Seton Hall Basketball Preview Series: Xavier Musketeers | South Orange Juice
If you want a well-written look at Xavier from the blog of a conference opponent, you could do (much, much) worse than reading what Seton Hall blog South Orange Juice put forth. Bookmark them for all your Seton Hall-related needs! Seriously though, this is good stuff from a perspective outside the program.

Matt Stainbrook leads young Musketeers in second season in Big East | Athlon Sports
I clearly can't get enough of Musketeers season previews. I had one more on deck, but the author kept spelling it "Muskateers" and I don't need that kind of garbage in my life. This doesn't tell you a ton that you don't know already, but it's nice to know that other people are seeing the same things we are.