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Cintas is Sold Out for Mount St. Joseph Women's Game for Terminally Ill Freshman

The University has stepped up to help a terminally ill college athlete's dream come true.

Coach Mack wants to see the place packed for this game.
Coach Mack wants to see the place packed for this game.
Joe Robbins

Update: tickets went on sale at 9am today. In 45 minutes, there were no more seats available in the upper bowl of Cintas. By the time noon rolled around, the Cintas Center had already sold out. Lauren Hill is going to get her wish of one college basketball game, and it is going to happen in front of a capacity crowd and one of the loudest home venues in the country. Huge kudos go out to everyone who made this happen. The place should be rocking on November 2.

In a rare decent turn, the NCAA has granted Mount St. Joseph University a scheduling exemption to allow them to play against Hiram College on November 2 and 2pm. The game has been moved up to accommodate terminally ill freshman Lauren Hill's wish to play in a college basketball game. Because interest in the game is so high, Xavier will be hosting the game at the Cintas Center.

Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, October 22 at 9am at and Ticketmaster for $5 each, with all proceeds going to The Cure Starts Now Foundation. More information can be found on the Mount Saint Joseph website. If you can at all find a way to attend, I would encourage you to do so to make the day special for this young lady. Coach Mack agrees.

Cintas is one of the loudest and toughest arenas in the nation; we should be able to come together to blow the roof off the place for this game.