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2015 Stretch Four Kaiser Gates Chooses Xavier

The Musketeers grabbed a verbal commitment from the talented 2015 forward today as he chose X over Texas Tech and UCF.

If I don't have a picture of the recruit, I use a picture of the coach. Sorry.
If I don't have a picture of the recruit, I use a picture of the coach. Sorry.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kaiser Gates announced via Twitter today that he is committing to Xavier. He is either 6'7" or 6'8", depending on who you believe, and weighs in somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 pounds. Gates had also attracted interest from Florida State, Georgia, Missouri, and Vanderbilt but was down to a final three of Xavier, Texas Tech, and the University of Central Florida.

As a player, Gates is rated as a high three-star or low four-star prospect. His most notable selling point is a jump shot that plays well from the mid-range all the way out to well beyond the arc. He has the ability to find his spots on the floor without the ball and can bang threes in catch-and-shoot situations. His mid-range game shows good elevation and he is a smooth scorer around the bucket.

Gates also boasts plus athleticism that allows him to get out and run the floor well and elevate over smaller defenders. His slight build is a detriment to him in the paint and on the boards, but he should grow more capable in those areas as he matures. A verbal commitment is something on the order of a promise ring from your high school boyfriend, but if Gates appears to be a very good get for Xavier if he puts pen to paper.

Oh, and Yancy Gates is his cousin. Make of that what you will.