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Some Things That Happened: 1/11

Bracketology x3, the RPI, Ken Pomeroy, and Trevon Bluiett.

It's a bracket. Sorry, best I could do.
It's a bracket. Sorry, best I could do.
J. Meric Bracketology 1/9
It's definitely way too early to put too much stock in Bracketology, but it does kind of give you a sense for where Xavier lies on the S-curve. Joe Lunardi hasn't been super-accurate the last couple of years, but he has Xavier sitting at an 8-seed right now, facing off with VCU. The Rams have had their struggles this year, but that's not a matchup I'd be enthused about. Bracketology 1/10
I'm actually more of a Jerry Palm fan than I am of Joe Lunardi, and not just because he has Xavier as a 7-seed right now. X would be facing off against UCLA, which is whatever, but the winner of that would likely be facing off against Oklahoma State. If you wouldn't be interested to see Semaj go up against Marcus Smart, you either (a) don't love basketball or (b) aren't familiar with one or both of the players in question. Trust me, it'd be great to watch. Palm also explains why your team's seed can move even when they don't do anything. Bracketology 1/7
Chris Dobbertean goes into a little more detail about his bracket, which I love. This one is a little older, so it's still looking forward to Xavier's game against Marquette, but it has X as an eight-seed and the Big East as getting four teams into the dance. Butler was in his next four out, but I have a feeling they're not anymore. Dobbertean usually publishes his S-curve once the tournament gets closer, so keep an eye on his work. RPI 1/10
The RPI has been roundly maligned as a poor indicator of how good a team is, largely because it's not a good indicator of how good a team is. However, it's still a big deal to the Selection Committee, which means it's probably pertinent to keep an eye on. Xavier is currently 19th, which bodes well for the Muskies at this point. On St. John's and Its Talent
It might be news to some of you that Ken Pomeroy runs a blog as well as his rankings system. This week, he tackled to question of why a St. John's team widely described as talented is losing so many games. It's worth a read if you're bored or curious or just like words and numbers.


Congratulations to Trevon, who has over 1,800 points on his high school career. Can't wait to see him on the floor at the Cintas Center.