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Big East already thinking expansion?

With the dust not even having settled yet, the Big East is already talking about the next step.

Will Dayton become another hotly contested non-conference game?
Will Dayton become another hotly contested non-conference game?

The Big East hasn't even played a game since the biggest restructuring in college basketball history, but that apparently hasn't precluded talk of adding more teams to the roster. In a sit down with the timeless and inimitable Andy MacWilliams, Xavier's new AD, Greg Christopher, suggested that expanding "from 10 to 12" was the plan all along. Christopher went on to say that nothing was set in stone but that "things are heading that way."

With that bombshell to anyone who likes stability in their college conferences still lingering in the air, Christopher went on to add that he doesn't think that the expansion would happen next year, but probably within the next five years. The four schools that he listed as possibilities were the ones that get bandied about regularly: Dayton, Richmond, VCU, and Saint Louis. While Christopher then attempted to distance himself from the speculation a bit by saying the decisions would be made "at the president's level" it's clear that there is already talk of the conference growing.

In would dearly love to see Dayton back on the Xavier schedule. As much as I loathe the Flyers, which is a great deal, a season without watching them lose in Cincinnati just seems less enjoyable. Rivalries like that don't just happen, and I think it would be great for them to be on the slate again. That said, Dayton lacks the immediate cachet that Saint Louis and VCU would bring to the table right now. Maybe beating the Flyers will have to be a non-conference event from now on.