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Updated Scholarship Chart

Keep up with the very latest on Xavier's scholarship situation.

Erik Stenger and his ankle-breaking handle took this year's last scholarship.
Erik Stenger and his ankle-breaking handle took this year's last scholarship.
Michael Hickey


We'll discuss this in excruciating detail as the season approaches, but I wanted to get some thoughts regarding the scholarship/depth chart up here...

  • It looks like things break down to four guards, seven forwards, and a more or less true center on the roster.
  • Of the guards, Dee Davis, Christon, and Randolph can all play the one at need.
  • Stenger, Philmore, and Reynolds bring more of a 4 skill set where Farr, Richards, Martin, and Vezenkov all fall at various points closer to the 3/stretch 4 end of the spectrum. Obviously, this is a grotesque oversimplification.
  • Gun to my head, I'm saying that the starting lineup on day one will be Dee, Semaj, Martin, Philmore, and Stainbrook. I would expect to see Dee and JMart challenged for their minutes before anyone poses a meaningful threat to the playing time of the other three.
  • I'll be interested to see how quickly Reynolds and Myles Davis come along. On the one hand, they've both been in basketball limbo for nearly two years thanks to the NCAA. On the other hand, they're both right around Dee Davis' age and are thus (obviously) not your ordinary freshman. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting at least one of them to be a big part of the team right away.
  • Is this the year it clicks for JMart? Who knows! Stay tuned for either a breakout year or another season of frustration!
  • If the members of this freshman class live up to their billing, Xavier should finally have the depth it has sorely lacked basically during Coach Mack's entire tenure.

What are your thoughts on the roster as it's currently constructed?