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Gus Jeezy!

Gus Johnson returns to the hardwood to call Big East games with Bill Raftery this year. Yes, Gus Johnson will be calling your Xavier Musketeers.

"Crawford's gotta hurry...*loud noises of a brain fusing*"
"Crawford's gotta hurry...*loud noises of a brain fusing*"
Andy Lyons

What's the most significant memory you have of Xavier in the NCAAs over the last decade? Was it BJ Raymond against West Virginia? That was a massive game filled with all kinds of action. No breaks, just awesome play until BJ finally put away a game that Josh Duncan worked very hard to win.

Maybe it was this one.

Yeah, that was a pretty good one. Crawford's long range three, and the resulting exultations, are probably seared into Musketeers fans memories for all time. Watching those highlights again though, you can see a sophomore who clearly doesn't fear the big stage.

You know what both of those games have in common? They were called by the people that will be bringing you the Xavier conference games this year. Bill Raftery, not a favorite of the Banners staff, and Gus Johnson, whom the Banners staff would willingly adopt, will be calling Big East matchups for Fox Sports 1.

Hopefully Raftery has the sense to be quiet and let the immensely talented Johnson do all the heavy lifting on the play by play. Gus has been overseas trying to figure out how to work "rise and fire" into the commentary for a soccer match, but his return to his home turf will be appreciated by anyone tuning in to a Xavier game this year.