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Xavier May Sign Immediately Eligible Transfer or Recent Decommitment

With the silly season of college basketball roster rumors upon us, Xavier is not exempt for the speculation that accompanies the potential of adding a player to the roster.

Chris Mack slightly perturbedly surveys the field of potential additions.
Chris Mack slightly perturbedly surveys the field of potential additions.

Word from well-placed sources on the Xavier campus indicates that an immediately eligible transfer or a member of the class of 2013 with a recent decommitment from another school is interested in flirting with the affections of the Musketeer faithful before likely choosing another school. Xavier fans with something linking their twitter handle to the school's basketball program are encouraged to follow him on Twitter. Open, direct lobbying for his commitment to Xavier is, of course, an NCAA violation, though massive discounts on jewelry apparently are not.

YouTube highlight compilations have been popping up on Xavier message boards, and they reflect well on the player's ability to leverage his skill set into on-court production. While some naysayers are focused on eligibility issues, the player's ability to step up against better competition, and questions regarding his desire to "do things the right/Xavier way," others believe he will be the perfect addition to the Musketeer roster. A third small but very vocal group is already determined to use whatever outcome as a sign that Coach Mack is not the man for the job at Xavier.

The player - who is pledging to "take it slow" to make up for rather ambiguous "things [he] missed during the first recruiting process" - also has visits scheduled to a couple of schools so prominent that Xavier fans are taken aback that the Muskies are competing with them, as well as one school who is so discouragingly nondescript that it causes a certain concern regarding whether Xavier even wants a player who would also consider that school.

The player's decision is expected to be postponed at the last minute several times before being anticlimactically revealed by Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop. Xavier fans will then likely transfer swiftly to arguing online about another player before resorting to unnecessary personal attacks on one another.

I hate the summer.