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Bubble Impact

Richard Heathcote

According to Eamon Brennan on ESPN:

A few weeks ago, it wasn't totally crazy to see Xavier as a potential late-season bubble-rusher, if only because the schedule was so favorable: They got VCU, Memphis, UMass and Saint Louis at home in succession, followed by a season-ending road game at Butler. Xavier split those home games -- it toppled Memphis and Saint Louis, lost to VCU and UMass -- and while that might not be enough just yet (there are still losses to Pacific, Vanderbilt, Dayton, Wofford and Wake Forest on this ledger) would a win at Butler Saturday night at least get them a bubble look? It'd have to, right? Stay tuned.

From CBS, to Fox, to the amateur bracketologists all over Twitter, everyone agrees that this game is as must win as they get for the Musketeers.