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Banners Bracket Challenge

March just isn't the same unless you are competing to win something. Thankfully, we've got that all set up for you.

We don't have a trophy to give you, but we do have better haircuts.
We don't have a trophy to give you, but we do have better haircuts.

Short of actually watching the games, the most enjoyable part of March Madness is filling out the bracket. In the true spirit of America, we have nationalized that as competition. Here at Banners we aren't going to be left out on that. Follow this link to join our Yahoo Tournament Pick'em Group. The password, if it asks, is xavier.

Once you have followed that link, set up your picks and get them entered. The scoring system is pretty standard, with a point being awarded for each correct pick, based on the round. For instance, getting a first round game correct earns you one point, a correct second round pick earns two, a correct third round (Sweet 16) pick earns three, and so on. that means that there is slight weight on later games, but an excellent first round should stake someone to a sizable lead.

Even better than just the thrill of winning, we're offering a prize. It's not the trophy seen in the picture above, but it's nearly as valuable. Our prize is a $10 gift card to the institution of your choice. No, it isn't much, but yes, it is better than buying your own coffee, or sandwich, or whatever it is you are into. We'll contact the winner via email, so be sure you provide one when you sign up. (No, we won't be contacting anyone else or sharing any email info).

1. Get a bracket.
2. Fill it out.
3. Follow this link to Yahoo Tournament Pick'em. Password: xavier
4. Register and fill in your picks.
5. Tell all your friends. Seriously, the more the better.
6. (optional) Win a prize.

That's it and that's all. Enjoy the games!