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Xavier v. St. John's Q&A part 2

People asked us questions about Xavier. Flattered that they would care, we responded enthusiastically.

Isaiah Philmore yells all his responses when questioned.
Isaiah Philmore yells all his responses when questioned.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Due to our passion for fair trade laws the world around, we responded to Rumble in the Garden's answers to our questions about St. John's by answering theirs about Xavier. It only seemed like the right thing to do. Here's a snippet of what went down:

Q// Why should Xavier be confident going into tomorrow's game?

BotP: Because this team is deep and versatile and has shown it can put together extended stretches of serious defensive performance. Semaj Christon and Stainbrook give the team a slasher and a post worker, and both of them like to distribute.

Myles Davis and James Farr can really shoot the ball, and Dee can convert if left open. Turnovers and free-throw shooting are still concerns for the offense, but a team that defends like this and throws that many bodies at the boards is going to be in a lot of games...

All that and so much more about St. John's can be found over at Rumble in the Garden. Follow along there for the contrary perspective as you follow us here for Xavier coverage on tomorrow's noon tip.