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Xavier v. Wake Forest Q&A part 2

SBN Wake Forest blog Blogger So Dear asked us about Xavier. Here's what we told them.

These guys just make it feel good to be a fan.
These guys just make it feel good to be a fan.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of cooperation and honest competition, we returned the favor to Blogger So Dear and answered five of their questions regarding Xavier. Here's a taste of how the exchange went.

BSD: Your team appears to be an enigma about one-third of a way into the season. On one hand you are beating Tennessee, Cincinnati and Alabama, yet on the other you are losing to teams like USC and barely beating Evansville. What would you attribute this to?

Over the offseason, Xavier added finally-eligible freshmen Myles Davis and Jalen Reynolds incoming freshmen Kamall Richards and Brandon Randolph, and newly-eligible transfer Matt Stainbrook. In addition, James Farr morphed from a dude who got 42 minutes all year as a freshman to an unstoppable machine. After waltzing through the cupcake portion of the schedule, X had it all come apart in the Bahamas and almost lost to two pretty poor teams after coming home.

More than anything, I think the Muskies were learning how to respond to adversity...

For the thrilling conclusion to that response, plus their other four questions and all the news that is news regarding this evening's game, hit up their Q&A post and their story stream for the game. We'll be back a bit later for the game thread and to watch the action unfold on the court.