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Best guess on injury update

Coach Mack was purposefully vague regarding his three missing players with his "40% of 75%" or whatever he was on about quote from his presser. The players and people surrounding the team have been equally tight-lipped, so there is no real consensus on who might be suiting up for the Musketeers tonight. After mining the Twittersphere harder than Ice Cube in 21 Jump Street, I'm willing to at least drop an estimation out there. This is by no means science, but it is based on the best information we have at this point.

Be somewhat surprised if Dee Davis plays or gets significant minutes. He's still not 100%. Ahead of him in recovery is Justin Martin, who is expected to give it a run tonight. There is precious little word on Myles Davis, which we are going to interpret positively. Expect him to play, even if in a limited role. If this is all proved to be totally wrong at 9pm, at least it gave you something to read on the way when you got home.